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Criminal Cases

Our attorneys practice in all criminal courts including City, County, State, Federal, & Juvenile. Contact today for more info.

Same Day Consultation

Heinsman Law Group understands your urgent need for advice, direction, and representation.  Please call for a same-day consultation.  We will be with you every step of the way.

Same Day Jail Visit

An experienced lawyer will visit your inmate at any jail, workhouse, prison or other detention facility, ASAP.
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How are we Different?

We will make every effort measure your case, investigate your defense, and guide your choices.  We won’t talk down to you, and we will explain the pros and cons of every facet of your case in plain English.

We are on your side. Professional advice, a path to freedom.

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Heinsman Law Group is based in Chattanooga, Tennessee and operates in all 95 counties of Tennessee.

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